Former Impact World Champion Brian Cage has signed a new multi-year deal with All Elite Wrestling, according to reports from SoCal Uncensored.

Cageís contract with Impact Wrestling expired recently and he had an offer from Impact to stay with the company as well as a lucrative offer from ROH to join the promotion.

However, while the offer from Ring Of Honor was the highest paying deal, Brian Cage decided to sign with All Elite Wrestling due to the exposure they currently have.

No start date has been given for Cageís AEW contract so itís hard to say when he will make his debut for the company. Though the reports say that he is expected to join the promotion soon.

Itís interesting to note here that Cage almost made his AEW debut during the Double Or Nothing PPV while he was still the Impact World Champion.

He was expected to participate in the Casino Battle Royal on the show but Impact Officials were not in the favor of having their world champion lose a pre-show battle royal, and so he was pulled from the event.

Itís said that his signing with AEW will not affect any of his announced independent dates but we will have to see if he continues to take bookings afterwards.