Current Ring of Honor World Champion PCO has commented on the promotion’s safety guidelines, calling ROH a “first-class organization” for their concern and attention to detail. The Villain Enterprises member spoke with CBS Baltimore, recalling how ROH helped him deal with an injury.

“They never charged me for one thing,” PCO shared. “They sent an agent after the show was done. They took care of everything, signed the papers, brought me back to the hotel, made sure I was okay. [Whenever I get] a little banged up or something, I always get a phone call. ‘Are you good? Are you okay?’ And the next day, ‘Thanks for what you’ve done.’ They are nothing but a first-class organization.”

Addressing the recent controversy that transpired between ROH, Joey Mercury and Kelly Klein, PCO expressed that he didn’t know “why [Mercury] said those things.”

He continued, “I don’t know if it might’ve been some frustration because things weren’t going the way that that person was hoping. Was it a personal vendetta? I don’t know what it was. I can’t talk for that guy. And I love him to death, but from my side, it has been nothing but first-class from Ring of Honor. From my signing to every event and to everything that they do.”

PCO defeated Rush for the ROH World Championship at ROH’s last pay-per-view, Final Battle.