Former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts has opened up about the differences between his former employer and All Elite Wrestling. Speaking with Wrestling Observer Radio, Roberts explained how he feels the two promotions are starkly opposite to one another.

“Everything is completely different,” Roberts stated. “In AEW, Tony Khan is a super nice guy who wants to put on the best possible show and has surrounded himself with great minds along with great talent.”

He continued, “He wants us to have the perfect balance of work and life. To do this on Wednesdays and then have the rest of the week to enjoy yourself before coming back next Wednesday is great. We all hang out together after the show and on Tuesday nights we get together for a meeting. They just make it such a fun atmosphere here.”

Roberts also explained how AEW trusts its employees, allowing them an amount of freedom WWE doesn’t. Roberts noted how the promotion encourages him to do what he thinks is right, granting him some flexibility so he’s not “worried about saying or doing the wrong thing out there.”

One crucial facet that he is glad isn’t a part of AEW’s culture is micromanaging. He shared how he has approached Cody a few times looking for advice.

He was told, “‘‘You do what you wanna do. I’m not gonna tell you how to do your job. You do what you think is right, and I’m sure it’s gonna be right.’”

It’s this kind of trust that he will get the job done that Justin Roberts highlights as one of the reasons he loves being a part of AEW.