The latest on MLW (Major League Wrestlings) trying to get a new distribution deal for their weekly television show and other content has surfaced online.

On Wednesday, reported that the promotion is in talks with Amazon with the idea to air their content on Amazon’s Prime Video service.

The media outlet noted that MLW is still meeting with other potential outlets. One source noted that it’s a “fluid situation” and there is “momentum in a few directions with major players.”

It was noted that Amazon is among many TV content producers looking to fill potential holes in its lineup as there is a looming writer’s strike that could halt production come June.

Thus, sports and pro wrestling are valued highly in these situations due to them not being affiliated with the union as they can continue to draw viewers.

Currently, MLW airs episodes of Fusion to YouTube and FITE in the US along with airings on beIN SPORTS.

If MLW reaches a deal with Amazon then it would mark the first general-purpose streaming service dipping into a weekly wrestling series.

Although Netflix reached a deal with Lucha Underground a few years ago to air episodes of the program on their service, the episodes didn’t air live and were taped shows that had already aired on the El Rey Network.