Ring of Honor star Flip Gordon has opened up about Marty Scurll’s increased responsibilities with the promotion. Scurll, who is the leader of Villain Enterprises, recently signed a new contract with ROH which saw him become co-booker alongside Delirious.

Speaking with Wrestling Inc. Daily, Gordon addressed Scurll’s new role, praising the business acumen that saw him become a part of ROH’s booking team.

“Marty is a very good businessman and I think whatever position he’s put in, he’s gonna thrive. He’s one of the most creative people I’ve ever met and he’s gonna do wonders. Give him a chance and I think you’re gonna be very proud of him,” said Gordon. “Look what he’s done with Villain Enterprises – that’s just on a microlevel. Now he’s got a whole company.”

Reflecting on his position with Villain Enterprises as their resident “Mercenary,” Gordon confessed that he’s lucky to be a part of the stable, especially as he’s been fired once before.

“I’m surprised I didn’t get fired for losing to Nick [Aldis] this past weekend,” said Gordon. “Marty’s not happy. Since the new year we haven’t been doing that hot. We haven’t won very many matches, I mean I’ve won a few. He’s not in the best of moods. I don’t know if he’s gonna wanna to add a member now.”

Despite their lack of victories, the stable can boast one major win: PCO becoming the new ROH World Champion. The 52-year-old defeated Rush for the title back at ROH’s Final Battle event in December.

Addressing the victory for PCO and, subsequently, Villain Enterprises, Flip Gordon said “I think it’s great he’s world champion and it’s his time. It was a long road to the top of that mountain and he absolutely deserves it. He’s a legend and by him being World Champion, Villain Enterprises is World Champion.”