Lawyers for Major League Wrestling have reportedly contacted WWE in regards to concerns of contract tampering. PW Insider is reporting that a source within MLW told them their lawyers have contacted WWE about contract-tampering concerns regarding “multiple talents.” A source within MLW says they have evidence against WWE in this regard.

The situation is said to have nothing to do with Davey Boy Smith Jr. recently appearing on WWE’s the Bump, however.

It is not clear which wrestlers or talent under MLW contract were approached by WWE but this is not the first time such concerns have been raised. In late 2018, MLW is reported to have sent a cease and desist order to WWE regarding contacting their talent.

“I had guys at WaleMania approached by WWE people backstage in the green room about signing,” Bauer said on Wrestling Observer Radio in late 2018. “I’m like ‘you can’t do that, I’ll give you a freebie, don’t do it again’. Boom, they do it again. I had to send a cease and desist to WWE, that’s called tortious interference.”

MLW contracts prohibit the talent from working with WWE and speaking with WWE while under these contracts would be considered a breach.

MLW continues to enjoy a good relationship with AEW, however. AEW and MLW have shared wrestlers such as MJF for months with seemingly no issues cropping up between the two promotions.