Dark Side of the Ringís second season continues this week with an episode focussed on Dr. D David Schultz and his run-in with reporter John Stossel. The Rock recently commented on the upcoming episode.

The Great One noted on Twitter that he has already seen a cut of the episode and recommends wrestling fans watch. He tweeted, ďThis man was one of my all time fav heels (bad guys) in pro wrestling and an influence on me when I first shook his hand in Hawaii when I was 12. Iíve seen an early cut of this episode and highly recommend you watch, if you have any squared circle DNA in your blood. #DrDĒ

Schultz and Stossel were involved in an altercation backstage at Madison Square Garden in 1984. Stossel stated that he believed pro-wrestling was fake and Schultz physically assaulted him in response.

The episode will air Tuesday night at 10 pm on Vice TV and on Crave in Canada.

You can see a trailer for the episode below:

Schultz was fired from the WWF in 1984 possibly because of his altercation with reporter John Stossel. There are those who believe he may have been let go due to an altercation backstage with Mr. T, however. He returned to wrestle in Memphis after the incident but retired shortly after. Schultz then opened a bail bonds company.

Schultz was awarded the menís Wrestling Award by the Cauliflower Alley Club in 2019. He is also a former 3x North American Champion in Stu Hartís Stampede Wrestling from Calgary and was inducted into the promotionís Hall of Fame.