Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, formerly Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder, received a cease and desist letter recently regarding the name “the Revolt.” It has been widely speculated due to trademark filings that Harwood and Wheeler would be using the Revolt as their new team name. Another team that has used the Revolt as their tag-team name has sent Harwood and Wheeler a cease and desist letter, however.

According to a report from PW Insider, Caleb Konley and Zane Riley sent a 10-page document to Harwood and Wheeler’s attorney. Konley and Riley have been using the tag name “the Revolt” on the independent circuit.

“The Revolt are well-known in the independent professional wrestling circuit and are the current PWX World Tag Team Champions,” reads the cease and desist letter. “Mr. Burnett and Mr. Riley sell a range of Revolt-branded merchandise including t-shirts, hats, and DVDs, as shown in Exhibit B. The Revolt has been their passion for years and they have literally put their blood and sweat into building The Revolt brand and connecting with their fans.”

According to Harwood and Wheeler’s attorneys, however, they never planned to refer to themselves as “The Revolt” or “Fear the Revolt” but rather just “FTR.”

“Our clients do not intend and have never intended to call themselves FEAR THE REVOLT,” Harwood and Wheeler’s attorney responded to the letter. “They have at all times and in every way made it clear that their tag team name would be FTR, and that FTR can and would mean different things depending on their storyline and creative. They are not responsible for and cannot be held responsible for dirt sheets and others incorrectly attributing to them a name other than the name they have chosen, FTR.”

The letter from Harwood and Wheeler’s attorney, Michael Dockins, continued to say that his clients offered to pay for Riley and Konley to trademark the Revolt and work an angle on the independent scene with them. This offer appears to now be off the table, however.

When you have the law, pound the law. When you have the facts, pound the facts. When you have neither? Pound the table. Eh @DaxHarwood and @CashWheelerFTR ?

— Michael Dockins (@mrdockins) May 17, 2020

Riley and Konley’s lawyers have yet to respond.