WWE has now confirmed the return of Raw Talk with the official announcement of a free tier for the WWE Network.

The Raw aftershow is currently listed on WWE Network schedule for a premiere at 11 PM EST following this week’s episode of the Monday night show.

While there is no preview available for the show as of yet, and it could change over the course of the day, the program is currently listed on the Network schedule publicly.

In addition to this, WWE Network News is reporting that they had heard a few months back that both Raw Talk and Talking Smack were likely returning to the streaming service.

The shows were planned for the free tier of WWE Network after its redesign. This was prior to the pandemic creating delays for many major plans.

Both Talking Smack and Raw Talk premiered after the company re-introduced the brand split and once again created distinct rosters for both Raw and SmackDown in 2016.

The shows became famous for their unscripted nature and fans started liking the programs because it allowed the stars to show some more personality outside of regular WWE programming and gave screen time to the underutilized talents.

The return of these shows has not been confirmed officially but the possibility is enticing and we will have to keep an eye on how the story develops throughout the day.