Henry's sit-down interview with SCSA dropped earlier today and I've just finished watching it.. I have to say that it's an interesting watch, especially when he's discussing his start in life and his very competitive/angry competitive nature. As someone who's a first born and has younger siblings, I actually understand how it feels to be in Mark's brothers shoes.

It was interesting to hear Henry say that, aside from winning the Heavyweight Championship, his favourite time in the business was driving Yokozuna around because he learnt a shit load of stuff about the business. I imagine that working with Mae Young also taught him a shit load about life .

Another interest moment came when Henry discussed his relationship with the guys in the dressing room, remarking that he had heat with Taker when they first me because he didn't understand what the term "babyface" was and took great offence when Taker said "Here's our new babyface!".

For someone who I've always considered to be fairly bland and boring, Henry came across well. Are you planning on watching this episode?

Also.. Lol at Steve not mentioning that Bubba Ray actually co-hosts the Busted Open radio show with Henry.