WWE Superstar Cesaro was a special guest on a recent episode of WWE show, The Bump. During his time on the show, Cesaro had high praise for John Cena, labeling him as “one of the top-five Superstars of all time.”

As far as Cesaro is concerned, Cena stands as one of the best Superstars to ever compete. Describing Cena’s work ethic as “second to none,” He then highlighted Cena’s wrestling skills, stating how “His in-ring ability, I think, is absolutely amazing. I think it’s still underrated.”

He revealed how Cena had helped him to learn “so much” when he first came to WWE. According to Cesaro, John Cena is “one of those guys where he was there full time for every event.”

This commitment to his job and the pro wrestling business is something the SmackDown Superstar clearly admires, as “The Swiss Superman” described Cena as an inspiration.

Reflecting on their shared mentality, Cesaro shared advice Cena had previously shared with him. According to Cena, a Superstar is only as good as their last match. Cesaro confessed he has a similar mindset and embraces that mentality with every single match he has. This approach has led him to try and make every match “special” in some way.