Randy Orton will challenge Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam. The Legend Killer has had an eventful year in the promotion. He has been involved in a feud with Edge that spanned 2 PPVs. He’s also punt-kicked legends like Christian and the Big Show and is arguably the biggest heel in the company right now.

Orton recently spoke to SI.com and said that having been bullied as a kid is one of the things he feels taught him to be an effective heel.

“When I was younger, I was bullied, I was picked on,” Orton said. “I know how that feels, so it’s just reversing that and being the bully, knowing what to do or say to get under somebody’s skin. Growing up, my younger sister just hated my guts. I took out being bullied at school on her. As far as where I get that motivation, I’m not sure there is just one explanation. I feel comfortable being the heel.”

Arn Anderson recently said that he feels Orton is the best heel in the business.

“When he’s a heel and allowed to get heat, he’s the best heel in the business and I believe that,” Anderson said on the Arn Show. “Randy works old-school, Randy doesn’t do a one-and-a-half off the top. He doesn’t dive out on the floor, he doesn’t do any of those things.”

Orton also spent some time during the interview talking about modern in-ring styles. According to Orton, wrestlers need to slow down and sell more.

“If two guys are going 100 miles an hour, and they never slow down and they never sell, it’s a big fireworks show and I’m not getting any drama,” said Orton. “I’m not getting invested, and I’m not wanting to see more. When it’s over, it’s over, and onto the next train wreck. It’s too much. Less is more, sometimes. Sometimes you do need to slow it down."