Last week on Smackdown, Kofi Kingston revealed he’ll be out of action for 6 weeks. Kingston told Big E it’s time for him to show the world what he can do as a singles wrestler. Booker T recently addressed Big E as a singles wrestler on his ESPN Hall of Fame radio show and YouTube channel.

“I think Big E is going to have to shed a few things in order for people to look at him like the world champion,” Booker said on the show.

“Big E still trying to be the New Day is not going to work for him as far as him working at the top of the card. I’m talking about being the main attraction. I’m talking about being the guy that the company has put in position to be the guy.”

“You can’t rehash something that you’ve been doing for so long and think that’s what’s going to take you to the next level,”
Booker continued.

Booker and Brad Gilmore then spoke about wrestlers evolving their characters throughout their careers.

“I talked to Big E maybe a year and a half ago and I could tell he wasn’t in the best place,” Booker continued. “I think it was right after Kofi won the title actually and I said ‘trust me bro, your time is coming. Your run is going to actually happen.’ And he looked at me and I could see he was almost like ‘Nah, it ain’t going to happen.’ I said ‘trust me, it’s going to happen for you cause you’re talented, just keep doing what you’re doing.'”

Booker’s comments can be heard in the player below: