Not only is WWE holding its SummerSlam pay-per-view event next month but will be hosting a second show just one week after it. has updates on these two events. First up is SummerSlam, which had been reported to potentially be held at an outdoor location with the idea of having some fans in attendance.

There was even some talk of holding the show on a beach or a ship or at a location in the northeast. Per the new report, Summerslam is scheduled to take place at the WWE Performance Center.

WrestleVotes reported that WWE was hoping to finalize plans for SummerSlam and its location on Friday. It should be noted that WWE has yet to confirm where the event will take place after announcing that it had nixed its original plans to hold it in Boston at the TD Garden Arena.

WrestleVotes was the first to report that WWE’s internal calendar was updated to reflect that the company will broadcast WWE Payback on Sunday, August 30th.

Pwinsider has confirmed the report and added that it will also take place from the WWE Performance Center. WWE utilized the Payback PPV title from 2013 through 2017.