Ryback decided to go on social media and give his true feelings about Triple H and Vince McMahon.

The former WWE star made it clear in his various responses to fans that he is a fan of pro wrestling, but isnít fond of WWE. Coming from someone who actually worked at the company, he would know how things work behind the scenes.

At one point, he went after the WWE Chairman and CEO. In fact, he thinks the world, not just the pro wrestling business, will be a better place when McMahon passes away. He did note that this opinion isnít him having a death wish for McMahon.

ďIt was ALWAYS the talent. He just created a platform as a human circus that he modified from his father. The guy is a piece of shit, canít stress this enough. World will be a better place when he passes. This isnít wishing death, but stating an opinion I believe to be true.Ē

Ryback also went after Triple H, who currently oversees NXT, as ďThe GameĒ is likely the person to take over the company when McMahon does pass away.

ďPussy Paul is not the savior to anything. He will go down with the ship.Ē

Ryback had a successful run in the WWE that ended once he decided to depart from the company in 2016. He has since focused on his podcast and YouTube channel. You can see his tweets here:

I love wrestling, just donít care for WWE. Fans need to stop putting the brand above the performers. Youíve all been brainwashed to think Vince is some sort of genius. The guy is as corrupt as a lot of other greedy businesses profiting for bad and need to wake the fuck up.

ó The Big Guy (@Ryback) September 26, 2020

Pussy Paul is not the savior to anything. He will go down with the ship.

ó The Big Guy (@Ryback) September 26, 2020

Changing the business model entirely to create the biggest stars on the planet and profit off that rather than running a business that is trying to make the logo the main star for maximum profits. The fans and all involved will win and they would actually increase profits

ó The Big Guy (@Ryback) September 26, 2020

100% it will be added into everything Iím doing. I feel better than I have in a long time. A little more work to do and I am not doing anything until full crowds are back. I would never throw away what Iíve gone through to silence. Iím an energy based wrestler and need energy.

ó The Big Guy (@Ryback) September 26, 2020