The former Dominic Dijakovic is now known as Retribution’s T-BAR. Since the faction was given new names recently, many of them have also created all new social media presences.

T-BAR recently responded to comments Eric Bischoff has made about the Retribution angle. Bischoff has been critical of the angle, but T-BAR says Retribution actually draws inspiration from Bischoff’s time in WCW.

Thank you @EBischoff. You are a huge inspiration for #RETRIBUTION! We too aspire to one day destroy a billion dollar wrestling company and bury it under fiery wreckage.

— T-BAR (@TBARRetribution) September 27, 2020

T-BAR has recently noted on Twitter that he respects the ring names of Booker T and X-PAC but takes issue with Cesaro & Sheamus’ old tag-team name.

Nobody is safe from RETRIBUTION. You cannot run. You cannot hide. Let this serve as a warning to anyone who has ever dawned the title of “WWE Superstar”.

…Except for @BookerT5x, just another incredible name, excellent choice of letter. #RETRIBUTION

— T-BAR (@TBARRetribution) September 27, 2020

The @WWE is disgusting cesspool of greed and corruption, and it’s Superstars will all be obliterated by #RETRIBUTION.

Especially these two. There’s a new T-BAR in town and no room for confusion.

— T-BAR (@TBARRetribution) September 25, 2020

Our mission is to destroy the @WWE and we will do so by laying waste to every single Superstar, past and present.

The only exception to this is @TheRealXPac, because X-PAC is an outstanding name. #RETRIBUTION

— T-BAR (@TBARRetribution) September 25, 2020

Only 5 members of the group were given contracts by WWE in storyline. Retribution attacks have regularly featured more wrestlers than that, however. Mansoor recently noted he had hoped to become NUNCHUCK in the group.

Me when #RETRIBUTION rejected my application. Y’all weren’t ready for NUNCHUCK.

— Mansoor (????? ??????) (@KSAMANNY) September 26, 2020

Malcolm Bivens had also hoped to be in the group:

“If I was in Retribution, I would use the name De’Coldest ToEvaDoIt.”

Shelton Benjamin also noted on Twitter that he warned everyone about Mia Yim. He posted the following:

“For years I’ve been telling everyone what a wretched horrible deceptive evil spiteful disgusting and hateful person Mia Yim really is. Believe me now?”

Recently, T-BAR also explained why WWE gave contracts to Retribution.

WWE offered us contracts because it was financially cheaper than all of the security guards we kept injuring.
We signed the contracts to pay for our hired guns to do our dirty work.
Our goal is still to destroy our current employer, WWE. #RETRIBUTION

— T-BAR (@TBARRetribution) September 26, 2020

Yes WWE is paying us to destroy their company, because we were successfully destroying it regardless. They think if we are under contract then they can contain/manage our chaos. But they will be unsuccessful. Stop overthinking literally everything. #RETRIBUTION

— T-BAR (@TBARRetribution) September 26, 2020