" Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional..."


Today's Password; " Diesel was better than Nash... "

This weeks episode starts with a recap of last week where we see the end of the cage match between Douglas O'Shea and Shaun Davis where both men plummeted down to the floor as O'Shea threw a Irish Bomb from the top. Both men are out of danger, but will also be out of action for the time being. We will keep you updated if anything changes. Then, we go to the arena where Homicide and Kingston welcomes us to another episode of EAM Underground, and Madi Maxx is ready in the ring to announce our contestants for our first match.

Singles Matchup
Dan Moloney Vs Levi Shapiro

Our first match of the night is a fast-paced one. Chain-wrestling and grappling on the canvas in the opening minutes as both men try to find the other man's weakness. A couple of nearfalls as well before Moloney is the one picking up the win after a series of jabs and punches followed up with a irishwhip into the corner. Shapiro bounces back from the ropes only to find himself on the recieving end of Moloney's finisher. He sets it up and connects the Drilla for the three count. This opening contest is over almost as fast as it started, but that's how it goes sometimes. No hard feelings between the competitors after the match either, as they shake hands to show respect, something that has been happening more and more as of late here in EAM Underground. Moloney picks up a very much needed win and have now six points in the ranking table.


Singles Matchup
Anthony Henry Vs Vaughn Vertigo

If our first match was a fast-paces one, our second contest is on turbo-gear. These spotmonkey wrestlers wastes no time as they exchange move after move in the ring, using the ropes and turnbuckles to their advantage. Swanton Bomb by Vertigo ends only in a nearfall. The same goes for Henry's pinfall attempt after a neckbreaker. Lionsault from Vertigo from the second rope, but Henry rolls out of the way. Henry with a Spike DDT attempt, but Vertigo gets out of the hold and goes for the ropes. But Henry follows up with a lariat. Vertigo goes down and Henry goes for the turnbuckles. He climbs up and poses on the top. But he takes to long and Vertigo manage to get back on his feet and interfere before Henry manage to jump off. Vertigo grabs a hold of Henry and throws him off the top turnbuckle and down on the canvas before himself climbs the turnbuckles. He wastes to time with mocking and posing on the top however and leaps straight off. But Henry manage to get out of harms way. He jumps onto the second rope and backflips onto Vertigo with a Lionsault. He covers but Vertigo kicks out at the two count. The action does not slow down as both men once again gets back on their feet. It seems this match is going to go the distance. Homicide can tell us that there are rumors about making the matches longer, since many thinks ten minutes are a very short time, but this has to do with the fact that they have only 60 minutes, and the main event have the highest priority. But he will make sure to tell everyone if he hears something about it. The match continues in good speed. Some punches and kicks before Vertigo gets the upper hand and sweeps Henry's legs. He climbs the turnbuckles and leaps off in a moonsault, but Henry rolls out of the way and Vertigo only connects with the canvas. Henry with a couple of falling elbows to Vertigo before he climbs the turnbuckles once again. But this time, he wastes no time with mocking or posing on the top. He leaps off. Five star Frogsplash connects! He covers 1....2....3! Anthony Henry picks up the win in this incredible contest.


We get a promo from Austin Theory, who demands justice on how he's been treated by El Generico. Not only that, he demands that El Generico is punished for his deeds, as he's playing with marked cards. He might be 3-0, and he might have the odds on his side, but Austin Theory has always loved being the underdog. El Generico might only have to win one more match to close the deal, but that is something Austin Theory can assure everyone, wont ever happen. Because he will not bow down to Generico anymore. And he promise to everyone, that he will reveal the fraud underneath the mask once and for all!

*** Main Event ***
Singles Matchup
Madman Fulton Vs Damian Priest

Last time these two guys met inside the ring it ended with a victory for Fulton after he managed to put Priest trough a barbwired board with a Spinning Gutwrench Suplex. This match is more relaxed, if that is a word you can use on either of these guys. As the bell rings, both men goes at it with furious force. Punches and jabs back and forth, almost like a MMA match. Both men gets busted open in the early goings of the matchup. Stiff shots and throws from both men, with neither man wanting to show any form of weakness. Nearfalls as well, but both men kicks out at the one count. This is more of a brawl than a wrestling match, as stiff kicks and punches are thrown either each way before Priest is the one to get the upper hand after managing to dodge one of Fulton's blows. He lifts Fulton up and nails a sidewalk slam before following it up with a submission hold. Half Boston crab connected and Fulton is in trouble here. Remember, rope breaks does not count in EAM Underground, so there is no salvation for Fulton if he manage to reach the ropes, other than using the ropes for leverage of some kind. He reaches for the ropes, but he's to far away. Damian has locked in the submission in the middle of the ring. But instead of waiting for Fulton to tap out, Priest lifts Fulton up and delivers a suplex. He follows up with a second one, and a third one, before covering, but Fulton manage to kick out before the three count. Priest gets back up on his feet, gesturing for Fulton to do the same. Running curb stomp by Priest! He covers 1...2...No! Fulton kicks out right before the three count! The match continues, and both men gets back on their feet, wiping blood from their faces. Homicide informs us that we have passed the ten minute mark. The match is taken outside the ring as Fulton manage to throw Priest over after dodging a attack. Fulton climbs the top turnbuckles and leaps off, but Priest manage to get out of harms way and Fulton only hits the floor below. Priest wastes no time now. He grabs a hold of Fulton, irishwhipping him into the steel steps, before following it up with a running booth to Fulton's face. He grabs a hold of Fulton and rolls him into the ring, but does not follow himself right away. Instead he start to search for something underneath the ring. After a short while it seems he's found what he's been searching for and pulls out, yet again, a barbed wire board. But he also pulls out something else from under the ring. It's a tangle of barbwire! He wraps it around his right arm, shades of Cactus Jack right there. He then grabs a hold of the barbed wire board and slides it into the ring before entering himself. But Fulton in the ring has been prepared for this. He charges and delivers a dropkick, making Priest lose hold of the barbwire board. Fulton grabs a hold of it and places it in one of the corners before going back to Priest and grabbing a hold of his head. But Priest fights his way out of the hold and pushes Fulton backwards towards the corner. He charges for a gore. It connects! Priest drives Fulton trough the barbwire board in the corner! But he's not finished! Priest gets back up on his feet and grabs a hold of Fulton, lifting him up. Powerbomb connects! Damian Priest makes the cover 1....2....3! What a gruelling contest! Priest picks up the win in this vicious contest. It seems everytime these men face each other, they cannot do so without including barbed wire. They are 1-1 now, maybe a rubber match will happen down the line? This weeks episode of EAM Underground ends with the scene of Damian Priest celebrating his win, sporting a dark crimson mask. This rivalry is not by far over...


SHOW Summary

(1) Dan Moloney defeated Levi Shapiro after a DRILLA! (Gory Special transitioned into a Piledriver)

(2) Anthony Henry defeated Vaughn Vertigo after a Frogsplash from the top turnbuckle

(3) Damian Priest defeated Madman Fulton after a Gore trough a barbed wire board followed up by a Powerbomb