ade Barrett has shown interest in making an in-ring return after joining the NXT brand as a commentator and he has also exchanged words with the current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre in recent times.

However one of the biggest hurdles in the former Nexus Leaderís way back to in-ring action would be his physical shape. During a recent interview with BT Sport, the WWE star revealed how long it will take him to get back in the ring shape.

Barrett explained that even though he is not in the ring shape at the moment, he is still in good shape and claimed that he will need about three months to get his ring rust off:

ďIím not in ring shape at the moment, but Iím in good shape. To get in ring shape I will probably need three months of knocking out that ring rust to step back in the ring, but currently, my focus is purely on the announcing booth in NXT.Ē

Wade Barrett also reiterated his words about possibly getting back in the ring if the right opportunity arises and discussed how there are many WWE stars who are older than him and are still doing great work.