WWE Hall of Famer and co-host of SiriusXM’s Busted Open Radio Bully Ray recently commented on the Roman Reigns main event run on SmackDown. Reigns recently defeated Jey Uso at the Hell In a Cell PPV, and was hailed as the ‘Tribal Chief’ of the legendary Samoan wrestling family.

The angle following the Reigns/Uso match at HIAC saw Afa and Sika of The Wild Samoans appear and seemingly anoint Reigns as the head of the family. Bully Ray would then discuss where the angle seems to be going. That is at least in the eyes of a lot of WWE fans.

The ongoing family based story of course has had fans questioning whether or not The Rock will be heading back to WWE to face Roman Reigns.

“I do not want to see the Hollywood version of The Rock right now in this storyline” Bully Ray proclaimed emphatically. “You better give me the version of The Rock that that laid there for 18 hours and got that [Samoan] tattoo.”

Bully Ray would clarify this statement further; saying how the storyline (if The Rock were to return) would need to see a ‘different’ version of The Rock come back to the company. “I want to see the High Chief Peter Maivia live through Dwayne Johnson. Because? That’s the only guy, ‘version’ of the character that I need to see from The Rock.”

“You give me the ‘typical’ Rock? ‘If ya smell’ and all that b*llshit? Roman kill him now. I don’t want to see that though. [If I do], I hope Roman eviscerates The Rock, and we’re done with The Rock forever.”

Bully would finish by saying how he wanted The Rock to evolve if he were to return to the company. “That’s not what I want to see. Roman has gone someplace different. Heyman has gone someplace different. I need The Rock to go someplace, I need The Rock to go back to his tribal heritage.”