Former WWE, TNA, WCW and NWA personality Jim Cornette recently discussed the AEW Full Gear PPV. Cornette is outspoken in his hatred for the majority of AEW’s programming, however he is a big proponent of the FTR tag team.

Full Gear of course featured the much anticipated dream match between FTR and The Young Bucks for the AEW Tag Team Championships. Although lauded by the majority of AEW fans, Cornette would discuss how it was a mistake to have the first match in the programme be ‘worked’ in the way it did.

“It’s a program, that’s the point, this was the very first meeting” Jim Cornette began on the Drive Thru podcast. “They rushed it, they could have had it in front of people. But they could STILL have the big one in front of people. Because this? This was the first one you lunatics! How can you not think about this!?”

Cornette would elaborate further, saying why the blow away match between the two teams was ‘too much’ for a first encounter. “This wasn’t supposed to be the classic match. This was supposed to be what hooked people, what made them wonder, ‘what if?’ Establish that. That’s despite the fact that they botched the whole build up, everybody’s positioning, everything.”

Jim Cornette would then say how the psychology of the match (in his mind) was completely wrong. The build on social media between the two teams for years has been ‘who has the best in-ring style?’ With FTR championing the ‘no flips, just fists’ mantra and The Young Bucks being the high-flying duo.

“Instead of FTR immediately working [the Bucks’ style]…there’s been these supposedly bad feelings and bad blood and jealousy over ‘whose style is better?’ The Young Bucks with the flying, the backyard type stuff. Or FTR with no flips just fists, they’re legitimate wrestlers.”

Cornette would finish by saying how the finish of the match, which saw Cash Wheeler attempt a 450 splash completely went against how the start of a feud should be built. “Don’t just have a f*cking match like you do with everybody else! Do it smart! Instead of working with them right away, and especially instead of doing the Buck’s sh*t right away. FTR shouldn’t cooperate!”