Kenny Omega is getting ready for whatís arguably one of the biggest matches in the history of AEW against the World Champion Jon Moxley for his title at the upcoming December 2 episode of Dynamite.

However, it appears that the preparation for this bout is extra hard for the cleaner as he is not only trying to deliver a great performance but he is doing so while dealing with an injury to avoid surgery.

Omega revealed on his recent appearance on Wrestling Observer Radio that he has a torn labrum and he has been working through it to try and avoid having to miss time due to a surgery:

ďSo, you know, a torn labrum, as you know, is no laughing matter. Thatís a surgery, but I have a very talented and unbelievable trainer, and you know our doctors, of course, are always monitoring and making sure weíre doing okay, but our trainer Bryce Ready is just next level kind of guy. He has kept me together and in a condition where Iím able to perform.

As long as I make that that I see him two or three times a week. I can lift; I have full range of motion. I just need to make sure that I can look after it, and I can avoid having that surgery.Ē
said Kenny Omega, ďI canít afford having that time off. If things get worse thatís an option Iíll have to consider.Ē

Kenny Omega has wrestled Jon Moxley once before in the main event of the Full Gear PPV in November 2019 in an unsanctioned match but this will be the first time the two men will be wrestling in a standard match in the company.

While the former NJPW star seems to be doing fine despite the injury at the moment, itís still an added concern for the AEW management and it would be interesting to see if Omega is able to deliver a performance living up to the hype of his upcoming match with the AEW Champion.