Wrestling legend Stone Cold Steve Austin recently had an interview with The Wrap where he opened up about the recent passing of Jon Huber aka Luke Harper. The former AEW star passed away due to some non-COVID related lung issues last month and his sudden death shook the wrestling world.

Talking about the unfortunate turn of events, Steve Austin said that he just couldn’t believe it and he then recalled his conversations with the former Wyatt Family member when he was still in WWE:

“I just absolutely couldn’t believe it because the guy was a tremendous hand in the business, but he was a sweetheart of a guy,” Austin said. “When he was in WWE, we would talk every now and then on the phone just about his character and what he was doing.

And then we stopped talking and he kept going and he finally ended up in AEW. And I didn’t know his real name from his WWE name.”
said Stone Cold, “And I was like, ‘Holy cow, this guy is so young.’ And then I didn’t know what had happened.”

The former world champion continued by saying that Huber’s passing is an absolute tragedy because he was a guy who everybody in the business loved.

Stone Cold Steve Austin also recalled a conversation he had with a “very close” friend who “has done very well” in pro wrestling business about the passing of Huber.