Candice Michelle’s storyline romance with Mr McMahon got the female star reorganization early in her run with WWE after signing with the company in 2004.

The former women’s champion recently had an interview with WrestlingInc, where she talked about her WWE career in detail and also opened up about the angle with the Boss.

Michelle was asked about the storyline where she had to kiss Vince McMahon on a few occasions, and she admitted that it was awkward but said that she considered it a part of her job:

“I remember it was awkward,” Michelle said. “I do think there was like two, maybe three, I don’t quite remember to be honest. But also it was how it was back then. I remember it just kind of trickled down from girl to girl. Everybody kind of went through that. Even though it’s awkward to do, it was just part of my job.

There was no intimacy, we didn’t think of it like we’re actresses and we’re going to win an Emmy nomination or something.”
said Michelle, “We’re young and we’re dumb and we’re innocent, and we’re happy to be working. That’s just part of it.”

The former champion also recalled her pudding match with Melina back in 2007 during the One Night Stand PPV and she called it the worst match of her life.

Apart from this, Candice Michelle talked about her run with the women’s championship and more.