The wrestling career of R Truth started on a high note as he got signed to WWE in 1999, only a couple years after making his debut in the wrestling industry.

However, the former champion couldnít cash in on the opportunity and he had to rebuild himself after getting released from the promotion in 2002.

Truth opened up about the struggles he had to endure after getting released by the company during his latest interview with Sports Illustrated and he revealed that there were times when he thought of quitting the business altogether:

ďThere have been times I was ready to quit; Itís hard to be your best when you donít believe in yourself. There were times when I felt I wasnít good enough, times when I didnít think I had a shot of making it.Ē

Though thankfully, the former United States Champion continued to work hard and R Truth explained how he stayed motivated through his struggles:

ďI remember telling myself, ĎIím not going to quit,í Thatís why Iím at where I am right now. Everything I went through back then, it helped make me stronger. It helped me find different emotions.Ē

R Truth had runs with promotions such as TNA and NWA after his WWE release. He was re-signed by the company back in 2008 and the former Hardcore Champion has been a part of the WWE roster ever since.