WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley has provided some update on his health to concerned fans after confirming a positive COVID-19 test earlier this month.

The former world champion took on his Twitter and made a couple of tweets in reply to the fans asking about his health after he announced the news of his positive test.

Foley noted that his health isn’t too bad but he is getting fatigued too easily and his head feels a little cloudy. The former hardcore champion also requested the fans to take the pandemic seriously:

“Many of you have been asking how I’m feeling after my positive COVID test. All in all, not too bad – but I get fatigued very easily, and my head still feels a little cloudy. PLEASE take this pandemic seriously – the daily death count is staggeringly high..and climbing.”

Mick Foley got COVID-19 after holding a virtual autograph signing on December 12. He met with a couple of people in an isolated room for the signing and one of them later tested positive for the virus.

The former WWE star has been quarantining himself since the autograph signing and as of today, he has been isolating himself for over a month.