WWE superstar Big E has never received a world title opportunity and he is ready to win the Royal Rumble PPV and get his first shot at the world title.

The Intercontinental Champion recently had an interview with Stuart Osborne of Dayton 24/7 Now where he talked about the upcoming PPV and more.

Discussing a potential opportunity to win the Universal Championship after winning the Royal Rumble match, Big E said that he is looking forward to his first world title opportunity:

“You know, I’ve never had a world title match, a world title opportunity. This would be my very first one, so I’m looking forward to that,”

The New Day member also opened up about his singles run and Big E said that he wants to see how much he can do as a singles competitor:

“I want to see how much I can do as a singles competitor. A lot of people have had these high hopes for me, which I really appreciate,”

It was reported last year that WWE officials were high on Big E and they are planning a singles push for the former NXT champion in future.

Since then, the company has broken up his pairing with the New Day by drafting them onto different brands and Big E also recently won the intercontinental championship by defeating Sami Zayn.