Bobby Lashley, who is the CEO of his faction The Hurt Business, have become a formidable force in WWE since their formation last year. The group has found championship success in that the United States Championship as well as the Raw Tag Team Championships are under The Hurt Business’ hold.

The Hurt Business gets often compared to the Nation of Domination, but Bobby Lashley does not share the same opinion. He dismissed any comparisons between the two factions in a recent interview with Sporting News. Lashley explained that they wanted to represent African-American men in a way that hasn’t been done before:

“My first thought was ‘Thank you!’ But that’s not who we were. Because you see a group of Black guys, some people immediately associate them with another group of Black guys,” Bobby Lashley said. “I love what The Nation did, but that’s not what we’re about at all. But we are totally different. It’s not about black and white; we are about green and gold. We are thugs in suits because we have a hardcore style, but want to look good doing it. We wanted to show a different representation of Black men because we haven’t seen that. We are four professional Black men who can mess you up. That’s what we’re all about.”

With leader MVP and CEO Bobby Lashley, along with members Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin, The Hurt Business does not seem like they’re looking to advance. Back in October, Titus O’Neil requested to join the group, but was rejected and brutally assaulted by the group. Since then, however, Bobby Lashley has shown interest in a member of the roster that according to him could make a good addition to the group.

Bobby Lashley has said that Keith Lee is a star who is ready to breakout and the Hurt Business would propel him to the next level. Lashley stated, “He has been going out there and doing everything he has to do. I think he’s the kind of person who might need a little Hurt Business in his life to take him to that next level. He is ready to breakout, as are others.”