Former WWE star Zack Ryder recently had an interview with Chris Van Vliet where he talked about a number of things and also shared some interesting financial comparisons about his podcast.

The former US Champion, real name Matthew Cardona has his own podcast dubbed The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast which he co-hosts alongside fellow former WWE star Curt Hawkins aka Brian Myers.

During the interview, Ryder was discussing if his podcast could become a full-time career in future and he revealed that their show actually made more money last year than he was making with his WWE contract:

ďI do think that for sure. Yeah, I think itís totally possible. So, I will say that the company, the Major Wrestling Figure podcast as a company made more last year than my WWE contract, Iíll say that.Ē

Zack Ryder explained that while the earnings from the podcast are split among multiple people, the amount of money it made still exceeded his WWE pay:

ďThatís notÖthatís split between me and Brian [Myers], we have a producer etc. Iím saying thereís thereís other things. I donít know the net or the gross; Iím not a businessman, or whatever!

I donít know it in those terms, but the amount of money that did come in for the podcast? It was more than I made in WWE, or more than my contract.Ē

Zack Ryder was released from his WWE contract after almost 15 years as part of the coronavirus budget cuts last year. He has made appearances for AEW and Impact since then but he hasnít signed a contract with any promotion.