WWE Hall of Famer and co-host of Busted Open Radio Bully Ray recently discussed the upcoming Exploding Barbed Wire DeathMatch in AEW. It was confirmed on this week’s AEW Dynamite that Kenny Omega will be defending his Championship against Jon Moxley in the FMW classic match type at AEW Revolution.

“The match can work if you do it the right way” Bully Ray began. “If they try to do too much? It’s not gonna work. There’s a way to do it and it revolves around how you toy with the psychology leading up to it. It revolves around how many times you actually fall into the exploding barbed wire. It also revolves around what that means in the match.”

“One of my biggest problems with Last Man Standing matches is that talent will prostitute the count” Bully Ray continued. “When a ref starts counting early? You know the guy is gonna get up by two; but a little later he’s gonna get up by four, then a little later he’s gonna get up by six, a little later by eight and then you know whatever the finish is. If I’m doing a Last Man Standing match? I never want the count to be to be prostituted”

Bully Ray finished by discussing how he would approach the bout from a physiological standpoint. “I don’t want it to be used too much in this match. You build to the exploding barbed wire, you go into the barbed wire one to two times the get cut up, then you fall into the exploding stuff, and then you get a finish” Bully stated. “Don’t overdo it, because then it becomes overkill. You want to leave this match with just enough so these people would want to see it again.”