Show opens with Boyd Pearce and Bob Roop who preview the show.

Steve Williams defeats Mike Bond.
Williams really displays his raw power in this match and wins with his Oklahoma Stampede.

We go back to Boyd Pearce and Bob Roop. Roop discusses his North American Title win over Ted Dibiase.

Now we go to that match joined in progress. During the match there is a ref bump and the One Man Gang comes out with Skandar Akbar. The Gang wraps Dibiase's leg around the ring post. Roop then applies the Indian Death Lock and ref is revived. Dibiase passes out due the pain and the ref stops the match. Roop is the new North American Champion.

Next we go to an interview with Ted Dibiase who is pleased about this rematch for the North American Title with Bob Roop and says that if he doesnt win the title he will leave Mid South Wrestling.

Ted Dibiase defeats Billy Starr.
Dibiase wins with powerslam.

Killer Khan defeats King Cobra.
It was interesting that Boyd said that Khan was the only man to injure Andre the Giant. Khan won with a kneedrop from the second rope.

The next match is Junkyard Dog vs The Grappler for the Louisiana Heavyweight Championship.
The crowd really goes crazy for the Dog when enters the ring. During the match there was a ref bump and Grappler powders out of the ring. The Assassin comes out and loads his mask and is on the ring apron but JYD pulls him in the ring and disposes of him. Grappler makes it back into the ring and brawls with the Dog. Dog hits the Thump but One Man Gang along with Skandor Akbar runs in followed by Ted Dibiase to clear the ring. Junkyard Dog is your winner by DQ.

Hangman Rick Harris, (aka Black Bart) defeats Jesse Barr.
This was very early in Jesse Barr's career and Harris later went on to be Black Bart. Harris won with a neck breaker.

Jesse Barr defeated Randy Base.
Originally Ernie Ladd was supposed to wrestle Base however the ref ran in and told the ring announcer Ladd refused to wrestler. Barr ended up winning with a beautiful belly to belly suplex.

The final match was supposed to be The Assassin/One Man Gang vs Tony Torres and Mike Hudspeth. However Junkyard Dog/Ernie Ladd come out instead of Torres/Hudspeth. The Assassin & One Man Gang simply leave the ring.

That's the show everybody.