In 2009, Dixie Carter suspended Jeff Jarrett from TNA Wrestling after it was revealed he was romantically involved with Karen Angle, Kurt Angle‘s ex-wife. Jarrett and Karen would end up marrying in 2010. Eric Bischoff recently spent some time on his “83 Weeks” podcast talking about how this played out backstage in the company at the time.

“It was certainly unique, especially since Kurt was still in the company,” Bischoff said on the show. He would continue to say, however, that everyone seemed to get along just fine backstage.

“When everybody was backstage, when Karen was there, when Jeff was there, when Kurt was there, when the kids were there, they got along like an extended family. Since there was no real issue within their family that I could see – not that I would judge it one way or the other anyway – but again when they were all together – because Karen would often come backstage and bring the kids and she’d be with Jeff and Kurt was there and Kurt’s soon to be wife, I mean, everybody got along.”

“I can’t imagine being in that situation. It would be awkward anyway, regardless of whether Kurt Angle was the baddest man on the planet or whether he was an accountant.”

“I have a lot of respect for Jeff and for Karen and for Kurt. I think they’ve done a wonderful job under the circumstances keeping their families together as individual families and together as a broader 2-family scenario.”

Bischoff’s full comments on the matter can be heard in the player below: