WWE announced on Thursday that Keith Lee is slated to return to their programming this week.

He’ll do so when he participates in the Watch Along episode for the second night of NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver – Night 2 event on Thursday. He’ll join Ricochet, Samoa Joe, Dominik Mysterio, and others on the stream, which will be hosted by Matt Camp, Evan T. Mack, and Ryan Pappolla of The Bump.

His status with WWE has made headlines as of late because he has been out of action since early February. Last month, it was reported that Lee was actively trying to get cleared for a return and had been working out at the Performance Center.

He did break his silence in a statement posted on Twitter, but aside from that, has been quiet. This return comes at the same time as former WWE on-air personality Cathy Kelley coming back to the company for at least one night as she participated in the Watch Along episode for TakeOver Night 1.

For fans wanting to check it out, the Takeover Watch Along episodes will air live on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.