It was a big night on RAW for Karrion Kross. The NXT champion and his valet Scarlett appeared on the main roster show in a promo vignette for their upcoming NXT match with Austin Theory.

Karrion Kross is a formidable figure in the ring. He will no doubt be wrestling on the main roster in the future. However, his appearance in a vignette for an NXT show is indicative of how NXT has grown as a brand.

Raw has been the flagship WWE show for decades and NXT was the development territory. Yet the growth of the NXT brand has seen it become a highly watched brand each week. The position of WWE shows each week means that RAW could now be used more frequently as a platform to advertise upcoming NXT matches.

There is no doubt that Karrion Kross vs Austin Theory will be a good fight. However, it is really the statement that the vignette makes on a larger branding scale that makes it interesting.

WWE has been investing solidly in NXT. Under the careful guidance of HHH NXT has moved from strength to strength. This newest step forward shows what a good thing WWE have in their Florida-based brand. NXT figures dropped during the Wednesday Night Wars. Using Raw to promote NXT is a great way to pull viewers back to the new Tuesday night show.

Whatever the reasoning, it was great to see Karrion Kross on the main brand. Whether to moves up, or stays on NXT, he is bound to become a name the entire WWE universe is familiar with.