Wrestling and Playboy have a long history together. Sable, Chyna, and Maria Kanellis all famously posed for the magazine and Shawn Michaels even did a shoot for Playgirl with the winged-eagle WWF Championship belt.

Chelsea Green stated not long after her WWE release that she was interested in working with Playboy. According to comments she made recently on her podcast, she auditioned for the magazine in 2010. She also said that she has been in contact with representatives from Playboy recently as well.

“I get changed into my outfit, I put my lip gloss on, I’ve got my eyeshadow, my skinny little eyebrows going on, and I have my heels on. I decided to go for a little hot, hot pink bra and undies set, and I thought I looked like the f***ing cat’s meow,” Green said regarding her 2010 Playboy audition.

“It was kind of a very normal casting call. I will say, I don’t believe I got fully naked – I did take my top off, obviously, but I don’t remember taking my underwear off. At the time, I was like 20 years old, whatever – I loved my boobs! I had zero issues with my body and I’ve played sports my whole life, so I was in shape and stuff even though I was eating Cheetos for lunch in college.”

Green also noted on the show that she’s been in contact with the company recently. A representative reached out to her.

“I totally feel like we connected, he had such a great vibe about him, and he kinda enlightened me to what 2021 and future Playboy looks like – which is not the brick-and-mortar stuff. It is the digital side things, and the influencing side of things, and blogging, vlogging, hosting, podcasting, all that kind of stuff that they didn’t have before that they want to expand Playboy into.”