WWE Superstar and SmackDown Tag Team Champion Rey Mysterio recently spoke to the UK’s Metro. The luchador legend discussed a number of topics during the interview, including the potential for a feud between himself and his son Dominik down the line.

“We actually talked about this a while back, when my son started to train,” Mysterio began. “The more and more we got to spend time together in the ring and outside of the ring, it came to the point where me and my son were like, ‘there’s no need.’”

“The connection here is so beautiful, the love – more than father and son, I think we’re like best friends”
Rey Mysterio added. “For the moment, there’s no time for us to even be thinking, ‘how would it be like to face each other?’”

Mysterio would also discuss what it has been like winning the tag titles with his son and being the Champions over the past month. “We’re enjoying such a great moment right now within our personal lives, within our wrestling careers,” Mysterio revealed.

“For me, it’s a complete blessing, before I end up retiring – to have been able to share these moments with my son” Mysterio concluded. “So that thought of possibly facing each other, I think was thrown down the trash a while back.”