AEWs Max Caster has landed himself a regular gig on TMZ, and its all thanks to Mark Henry. Talking recently during an appearance on the Battleground Podcast, Henry took the credit for brokering the deal.

I just recently fostered a deal with TMZ and Max Caster. Now every week, hes going to be on TMZ ripping Hollywood, ripping sports, ripping wrestling. Tune in to see what Max Caster is going to do every week. Mark Henry explained.

There is no denying that a job on TMZ would suit a character like Caster. He has a sharp tongue and isnt afraid to lace his barbs with venom when necessary. He knows how to get under the skin and say things in a way that get a reaction. Just look at his Oral Sessions intro ahead of his tag-team fight against Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston.

While there are no details right now, from what Mark Henry has said it sounds like a role Caster was born to fill.

Speaking further, Mark Henry explained how he sees a value in AEW branching out into other media streams. Not just mainstream, wrestling-centric avenues, but allowing wrestlers to test the waters in related niches, in order to draw in more fans.

The number one thing I would want to put out there is, we have to do more of this, er, marketing and creating relationships with media and not just big media but the grassroots media, the podcasts, the companies that are interested in pro-wrestling, not only to the market but for fans. Mark Henry said.

Since signing with AEW, Mark Henry has been a quiet figure, however, he is gearing up for the premiere of AEW Rampage which premiers on August 13th. Henry will serve as a lead analyst for the show, as well as being an influential figure backstage.