Eddie Kingston has been on a tear as of late in AEW, proving all of his critics wrong. While many were surprised by his appearances, he has grown to be one of the company’s top guys.

Talking in a recent interview with Bleacher Report, Kingston addressed the commonly raised issue of ‘the future of wrestling.’

Every generation has given rise to a few names who stand taller than the rest. A few youngsters whose skills can be seen right from the very start of their career. Eddie Kingston had a few names spring to his mind when answering the question.

“Everybody knows Jungle Boy is the future of the business,” was Kingston’s initial response. However, he later went on to add more and more names to the list. Emphasizing that the future of AEW does not lie in the hands of just one name.

“(Wheeler) Yuta just came in. I’ve known him for a minute. Brian Pillman Jr. of course, and his partner, Griff (Garrison). A lot of guys in the Dark Order are the future, especially of AEW. I don’t like the kid. What’s his name? MJF? He’s an assh–e. He hasn’t messed with me yet. I have known him for a very long time and he knows how I am. I’ll give the devil his due. He is definitely the future of AEW.”
Eddie Kingston Sees The Future Everywhere He Looks

Going on to further expand on his point, Eddie Kingston continued to look further afield than his own current setting. Explaining how he saw the future of wrestling in every different organization.

“You have a bunch of young, hungry guys there and in all of wrestling,” Eddie Kingston said. “Every promotion has a bunch of guys who are ready to go. I think the pandemic made these guys hungrier because they saw that everything can be taken away in a heartbeat. Wrestling is in good hands. My man Curt Stallion, who just got let go. When he gets his shot, he will knock it out of the park. There are so many good dudes. Joshua Bishop in AIW up in Cleveland. He’s an animal. I don’t want to keep naming people because I know I’m going to leave somebody out and I am going to feel bad. Charli Evans out in Australia, Marti Belle, Allysin Kay, they’re great.”

The point Eddie Kingston makes is that we are often too concerned with an individual than with the entirety of a generation. The future of wrestling is not Jungle Boy or MFJ. The future of wrestling is everybody in their generation who is hungry enough to fight for their place on any given roster.