Chelsea Green‘s doctor has put her back in a cast.

July 17, Green made her return to Impact Wrestling at their annual pay-per-view event Slammiversary, teaming up with her fiancé Matt Cardona in a winning effort against Brian Myers and Tenille Dashwood. During the match, Green landed a one-arm Canadian Destroyer on Myers.

Friday, Green posted x-ray photos on Twitter before visiting her surgeon for a follow-up on her injured arm, stating she had plans to show her doctor a video of the Destroyer.

Later Friday, Green updated her followers on Twitter by revealing her doctor had watched the video and put her arm back in a cast.

Green had appeared at Slammiversary with a cast on her arm; commentary claiming she had been cleared medically to compete. On her podcast “Green with Envy with Chelsea Green”, Green confirmed she had wrestled with a broken arm, noting Tennessee doesn’t have a health commission. A health commission can prevent a wrestler from competing when injured.

“So, obviously I’ve been talking about the familiarity—look at that fancy f*cking word. Ah, the familiarity of IMPACT. But one thing that wasn’t familiar, clearly, was wrestling with a broken arm,” started Green. “Slammiversary was in Tennessee, so they don’t have a health commission, so a health commission cannot ban me from wrestling with a broken arm. See what I mean? So I f*cking did it. YOLO, right?”

Green continued by stating that though her arm didn’t feel the best, it was worth it to wrestle, in her opinion.

“Last week, obviously I was upset that I couldn’t wrestle for Ring of Honor in the Women’s Championship tournament, but I understood why,” shared Green. “The Maryland Commission was not having any of it. But in Nashville, however, it is balls to the wall. Woo! We were good to go, so I took the opportunity and I ran with it, cast and all. I will say it doesn’t feel great, okay. Doesn’t feel 10 out of 10, but it was 10 out of 10 worth it, 100 percent worth it. A little pain, a lot of pleasure; that sounds dirty.”

The Canadian native first suffered a broken wrist during her first TV match on the March 13, 2019 NXT TV tapings, undergoing surgery the next day. Green re-injured her wrist on her SmackDown debut in November 2020, placing her on the sidelines again. After months on inactivity, WWE released Green in April, despite having signed a three-year contract.

On the same episode of “Green with Envy with Chelsea Green”, Green shared how the injury affected her mentally while preparing for Slammiversary.

“I just had this weird mental blockage,” shared Green. “I didn’t realize how much this injury would affect me mentally this time around. I think the first and second time that I broke my arm, I truly believed in my head that it was a freak accident. So, when it happened for the third time, because this is the third time I’ve broken my arm, if you don’t know, I really was in my head about it.”

Green worked recent Impact Wrestling tapings, and appeared on Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling in a six-man tag team match with Jake Something and Cardona. She’ll also be featured in a tournament for the upcoming Impact Homecoming special, which was also taped during the same time.