Michael Cole has been working with WWE since 1995 and has been a commentator for the majority of this period. He has been there and done it all, rising through the ranks behind the scenes. It is only natural, however, that you begin to feel a little jaded, or stale after so long. That doesn’t mean your work slips, or you’re unhappy, just that things begin to feel a little routine.

Talking during a recent interview on The Pat McAfee Show, Michael Cole spoke openly about how working alongside McAfee in the commentary booth has changed his career.

“You have completely revitalized my career.” Michael Cole said. "I’ve been doing this for almost 25 years and have seen and been part of everything in WWE. You go through different partners and everyone I have worked with has been great and have all brought a different style to the product. JBL, unbelievable partner. Corey Graves, incredible talent. You’re different than all of those guys because you’re a true fan and you bring that enthusiasm to the product and seeing how you’ve been acting over the past couple of months has really revitalized what I do and I realize that I have to step up my game to keep up with what you’re doing from an enthusiastic standpoint and that’s what I’m trying to do. It’s been a lot of fun for me and it’s been really different. Thank you for breathing life into this old man.”

There have been some memorable men sitting in the WWE announcer’s booth. However, few have had the longevity Michael Cole has. From playing the heel commentator to leading the ship through many different eras, he has proven himself to be dependable and competent.

He will long be remembered for his deft handling of the Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler incident, along with many other moments during his career.

Bringing in someone with the character of McAfee for Michael Cole to play off makes a great pairing and in its own right, has many avenues for possible character building and storytelling within the commentary booth.