WWE superstar Edge was a recent guest on The Kurt Angle Show. During his appearance, he spoke about a number of topics including the status of Rey Mysterio. Rey and his son Dominik ran to the ring to help Edge fend off an attack from the Usos at Money in the Bank.

Rey Mysterio is held in high regard by almost every wrestling fan around the world. However, Edge feels the man still doesn’t get the full level of credit that he deserves.

“Rey Mysterio, he gets credit, but it’s still not the credit he deserves,” Edge said. “I think because he’s been so consistent for so long, that he’s not appreciated to his full extent. I don’t know if he will be fully appreciated until he retires. When there’s no Rey Mysterio on the show, they’ll go ‘But wait? We need Rey.’ I think as a writer, as a company, as a fan, as a colleague, although I think colleagues and peers appreciate him more than anyone else because they truly fully grasp and understand it.”

Wrestling is a tough business. It is hard on the body, especially if you wrestle a high lying luchador style. Yet, Mysterio is still going just as hard and fast today as he did in his youth. This is a fact not lost on Edge, and one of the core reasons he believes we won’t fully appreciate Rey until he has retired.

“That dude, for his style and what he’s done, to still even be in there at all let alone at the level that he’s performing at, he just did a Hell in a Cell with Roman Reigns. The term legend is thrown around a lot, dudes a legend. He’s a living legend and one day people will fully latch onto how special Rey Mysterio is.” Edge explained before going on to talk about how he paved the way for so many current superstars and is doing it for future ones too.

Edge is one of the most popular figures in WWE, arguably on a par with Rey Mysterio. Regardless, both men are in their twilight years and wrestling won’t be the same once either hang up their boots.