The shock result at GCW Homecoming night 1 not only saw a new heavyweight champion crowned, but it saw the promotion take the number one trending spot on Twitter.

It is not uncommon for the larger, more widely followed companies to hit the trending boards, often claiming the top spot. However, for a smaller promotion, with a more niche fanbase to hit the top spot is quite an achievement. The feud between Cardona and Gage saw a lot of social media exchanges between the pair. This undoubtedly helped get more eyes on the product.

What makes the results for GCW Homecoming even more impressive is that it occurred at the same time as the Olympics and UFC (Fight Night 192). Both of these events have an arguably bigger draw yet failed to get the world talking.

This is despite a few shocking gold medals being claimed in Tokyo. GCW Homecoming shocked the social media world.

Matt Hardy was quick to congratulate both Matt Cardona and GCW for their Homecoming success. While the finish to the match brought the ire of fans, many wrestling names have congratulated Cardona for his success

Matt Cardona is the epitome of the sports entertainment side of wrestling. Nick Gage and many of the other GCW stars play a much darker, more violent game. The meeting of the two at GCW Homecoming turned on its head when Matt Cardona picked up the win.

The instant reaction from the fans told enough. You need to question whether it was the manner of the victory or the fact that it was a previously clean-cut sports entertainment man who took the belt from their hardcore hero.

Regardless of what the fans thought, social media loved GCW Homecoming. Itís not easy to pick up the top trending spot, but they did it. How much of that can be attributed to Matt Cardona may never be known. However, he is certainly a marquee name who is now the face of GCW, for a little while at least.

It remains to be seen who his next challenger will be, but Nick Gage will surely want revenge. One thing is for sure, it will not be a friendly affair. First, however, Gage will need to shake off his GCQ Homecoming loss and prepare for his match with Chis Jericho on AEW this week.