AEW star and Factory member Nick Comoroto made headlines this weekend at an MCW Wrestling event. Only it wasn’t a match that made headlines, but rather a guest appearance after the bell. It was MCW’s first event in 17 months. His appearance only made it even more special for one member of the MCW roster.

Nick Comoroto took to the center of the ring, grabbed a microphone in order to ask his girlfriend, MCW Wrestling referee to marry him. His girlfriend, Becky, said yes instantly, after listening to his heartfelt speech with tear-stained eyes.

Congratulations to @AEW star @Mr_Freakbeast #NickComoroto and our very own Ref Becky. Thank you for sharing this very special moment with all of us. #shesaidyes @AEWonTNT

— MCW Pro Wrestling (@MCWWrestling) July 25, 2021

“When I was poor, she was there. When I had money, she was there. Then, when Covid his and I lost my job, she was there to pick up the pieces and bring me back here.”
Nick Comoroto said, talking about his life with Ref Becky. “Becky is the sweetest, most caring person you will ever meet in your life.”

As soon as Nick Comoroto came to the ring and started talking, the crowd knew something was coming. Chants of ‘ask her, ask her,’ echoed. Ask her he did, dropping down to one knee in the middle of the ring.
Nick Comoroto Has a Bright Future in AEW

Nick Comoroto is a novice when it comes to wrestling experience. however, as part of the Factory alongside QT Marshall, he is making huge bounds. It will not be long before he becomes a regular name on any AEW match card.

At just 30 years old, the big man’s career is just getting started. He is on the right path, honing his skills before a live studio audience. Whether he will stay a part of the Factory, or eventually break away and go off on his own remains to be seen, but either way, the future is bright for Nick Comoroto. Many fans have already joked that his appearance at MCW Wrestling mas the greatest face turn in wrestling right now.