As part of the Wingmen, AEW’s Peter Avalon has found his place in the company. After arriving with his initial gimmick as the Librarian alongside Leva Bates, Avalon soon fell into obscurity. The character never caught on with fans, and soon turned sour. The comedic effort fell flat and needed to be changed.

Talking during a recent episode of AEW Unrestricted, Peter Avalon spoke about how Cody Rhodes helped him truly define his current character.

“He absolutely had a hand in the direction that we went with at AEW. Pretty Peter is just me. That’s just the way I live my life. I’ve been Pretty Peter….I’m in my 13th year of wrestling now, that’s pretty much what I’ve done. For a little bit, I switched over to a gimmick called ‘Professional Peter’, and then when I was running the Arizona television show, I was ‘Producer Peter’. So I kind of keep a theme, but I’ve always been pretty. But Cody for sure had a hand in the energy change that we went to with the whole model walk off and loving not only myself but loving just beauty and everyone and kind of leaning in more so in that direction and stuff like that. And I appreciate Cody really diving in and helping me find a direction to kind of go with it, instead of just being a generic, pretty boy.” Peter Avalon said.

While leaning more towards the heel side of things, the Wingmen – Peter Avalon, Ryan Nemeth, Cezar Bononi and JD Drake – are catching fire in AEW. Their antics and promos have natural ease to them. All four men are developing individual characters that complement one another. They are quite quickly capturing the audience’s attention. Their comedic styling coupled with solid ring skills and individual character development has made them a solid group.

With the return of live crowds further hyping their characters, giving them the dynamic they need to play off against, the group are only going to rise even higher. It is unlikely they are going to be pushing for championships or finding their images on an event banner. However, Peter Avalon and his group serve a very specific purpose in AEW.