A number of wrestling personalities have paid their tribute to the late WWE Hall Of Famer “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff since his passing earlier this month. Eric Bischoff recently joined this list.

The former WCW president dedicated the latest episode of his 83 Weeks podcast to the wrestling veteran and long-time friend. He talked about the various stages of Orndorff’s career during the episode.

Bischoff also recalled the time Mr Wonderful teamed with Paul Roma in WCW. He revealed which current tag team compares to the duo who were then known as Pretty Wonderful:

“Roma was a little more flamboyant and Orndorff was a little more dangerous,” Bischoff said. “I like that, I like how contrasts work. Randy Orton and the skateboard burn out guy, Matt Riddle.

I love that team because that’s just an interesting contrast of characters. It’s like a good buddy cop movie, you generally have contrasting characters that compliment each other and I think that’s the way Paul Roma and Paul Orndorff were.”

Randy Orton formed a tag team with Matt Riddle after a match between the two in April this year. Since then, the two have become a fan favorite.

Apart from this, Eric Bischoff also talked about being relieved from his management position in WCW in 1999. He claimed that he felt betrayed by the decision but didn’t go into detail for the reason behind it.