Malakai Black appeared as Chris Jericho‘s guest on Talk is Jericho recently. During the discussion, Black spoke about advice he received from Shawn Michaels while in NXT. Black says that advice he got from Michaels and Terry Taylor really had an impact on him. Both Taylor and Michaels were criticized for doing too many flashy moves in their day, and Black says they taught him how to wrestle in a way where those moves make sense.

“Shawn was always considered a smaller guy but he revolutionized the business,” Black said on the show. Black then spoke about how guys like Shawn Michaels and Terry Taylor used to be criticized in their days for just doing flashy moves.

“It was funny to hear that guys like (Terry Taylor) and (Shawn) Michaels, guys from two different eras, would get the same criticism that a lot of us get now. But, he was one of those guys (who told us) to make it okay but find a way to do it, find a way for it to make sense.”

“You’re never ever going to convince everyone and your goal is not to convince everyone. Your goal is to progress the business in the way that the business is installed in 2021 by also maintaining the old school and maintaining what is relevant and keeping an ear on the ground to look at pop culture and what is current, and Shawn was great at that.”

Black continued to talk about how Terry Taylor has influenced his career and wrestling style.

“I love Terry Taylor. I owe so much to Terry, I speak to him every week,” Black said. “Him and me got real personal in my time in NXT. I love that man like my father, I really do. He was the one that guided guys like Hunter and Shawn in that era too, so all his teachings came through Shawn to me.”

“Terry just made me aware of what good solid work was,”
Black continued.