The incredible WWE championship win of Big E on last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw not only created a positive buzz among fans but it apparently served as a huge morale booster for people in the locker room as well.

According to reports from PWinsider, there was a ‘huge uptick’ in morale among the talents present at last night’s show out of genuine excitement over the New Day member’s big win.

E is beloved by the locker room so his win over Bobby Lashley was seen as a huge deal. There were even some SmackDown talents who wished to be at the event for the night just to be part of the environment.

There were concerns over Lashley’s knee after the spot where he slammed Randy Orton through the table. Though the site reports that he was 100% fine.

The all-mighty did an excellent job selling his knee coming out of the spot. He received a lot of praise for his performance during his match with Orton and Big E as well.

There is no word yet on what the company is planning for Lashley after Raw. We will have to see when or if he gets a championship rematch against the new titleholder.