Santana of Proud N Powerful believes there is huge potential in a feud with Lucha Bros.

The Lucha Bros are the new AEW Tag Team Champions. They capture the gold against The Young Bucks inside a steel cage at All Out. The match was an instant classic and is already being regarded as one of the greatest tag team matches of all time.

Santana and Ortiz of Proud N Powerful have been gaining a ton of steam as of late. The team recently defeated FTR on an episode of Dynamite. Many are wondering when Proud N Powerful will capture AEW gold.

Appearing on Gettin’ Better with Ron Funches, Santana said he feels Proud N Powerful vs. Lucha Bros will be some of the best tag team matches ever.

“I see on Twitter, everyone is like, ‘when are ya’ll gonna get the tag titles?’ It’s awesome. It feels great. It’s one of those things where, we’re obviously doing something right if people want us to have that spotlight. Us and Lucha Bros, we had a feud in IMPACT for the tag titles and that feud pretty much caused us to have 24 or 25 matches around the world. We took that same match and did it all over the Indies in the States, we went to Canada, we went to Mexico, we went to England, we did it in Germany.

“We literally did that match all over the world. The chemistry is definitely there. We’ve always been like a family with each other. We all came up under Konnan and he’s a big mentor for us. When that time comes, best believe it’s going to be some of the best tag team matches anyone has ever seen. That’s not even being cocky, we have the proof.”