WWE superstars have so little communication with the management that they often find out what they are doing on the show through social media, according to Kofi Kingston. The former WWE champion recently had an interview with 106 KMWL. Among other things, he also talked about his match on this week’s Raw.

During the interview, Kofi explained how as performers, they are usually the last ones to find out what they are doing. He gave the example of his tag team match on this Monday’s episode of Raw:

“You would be surprised. Usually, as performers, we are the last one’s to find things out. This week and last week, I found out on Twitter what I was doing on Raw. It was announced I would be in an eight-man tag team match and I was like, ‘Oh, good to know. I gotta prepare.’

Same thing last week when we had the tag team turmoil, I had no idea until I looked on social media and I saw it.”
said Kofi Kingston, “If I didn’t look on social media, I wouldn’t have known until I got to the building.”

The New Day member went on to say that oftentimes they have no idea what the show is going to entail. Even when they do know sometimes, it always gets changed. Though Kingston explained that it’s the bittersweet part of being a WWE star. According to him, it’s a good thing because it keeps everyone on their toes.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods teamed up with Mansoor and Mustafa Ali to face the team of AJ Styles, Omos, MACE and T-BAR on this week’s Raw in a losing effort.