One ECW legend feels that Brody King can have success in AEW.

It had been speculated that Brody would eventually make his way to AEW. After all, Brody is Malakai’s tag team partner in PWG, where the two hold tag team gold. Back in December, Cassidy Haynes of reported that Brody had signed with AEW.

It all came to fruition on the Jan. 12 episode of AEW Dynamite. Brody made his AEW debut, attacking Penta El Zero Miedo and The Varsity Blondes on behalf of Malakai Black.

Taking to the Busted Open Radio show, Tommy Dreamer expressed his belief that Brody King will fit right in with the AEW roster.

“Of course, big fan of Brody. We’ve had him on the show. Big fan of him personally. I think he will do well in AEW. He looks like he’s gotten himself in even better shape.

“I know he used to be kinda heavy then he got super leaned out, now it looks like he’s filling out. You heard the reaction. The place knows who he is, the place reacted.

“One of the better reactions for the crowd in Raleigh last night. But I liked it, I like him coming there.

“I don’t know if [Malakai] Black needed anybody to help him or kinda can — I always look at when you bring somebody into a company it’s because they just need a change and I don’t think [Malakai] Black needed a change yet but it’ll be interesting to see what devastation these guys can do.”

Time will tell if Brody and Malakai eventually set their sights on the AEW World Tag Team Championships. For now, it seems they’re content wreaking havoc on The Varsity Blondes.