As Triple H rose to the top of WWE in the early 200s, a criticism often heard were allegations that Hunter’s spot on the card had as much to do with his relationship with Stephanie McMahon as his own talents.

On this week’s episode of Grilling JR, Jim Ross addressed those allegations head on.

“Oh, I don’t think so. I don’t think so,” Jim Ross said of politics being behind Triple H’s booking. “It’s better for this conversation to say, ‘oh yeah man, it blew up the locker room and you’ve never seen any controversy like this, it was not horrible’. No, sorry, let’s rewind that one. I knew he was going to be a star and if you couldn’t figure that out, you were just being unobjective and being a typical paranoid wrestler.

“He was going to take some spots because he was willing to put in the work to see that, that got done. Some of his mannerisms and how he navigated the political waters were not universally accepted by a lot of guys that Triple H’s power base affected.”

Ross went on to discuss why he felt Triple H was a great heel and one of the best workers in the business.

“He was a great heel and he ended up being an excellent worker. Anybody, If people don’t like Paul Levesque’s work, it’s because of politics. You can’t tell me he was a bad worker, that’s b*******. C’mon, If you don’t like him, say you don’t like him. He always had great potential because he was always going to be prepared and educated and I always thought he had great abilities. Some of his best matches were as that heel, that continued to advance and grow,” Ross said.